The Benefits of Securing Builder Financing New Construction

The builder spec loans are designed to help builders to get financing to help them move inventory and increase business, but all too often banks and lending institution make it near impossible to complete these transactions in a timely manner. Here are just a few of the benefits of working with the builder financing new construction loans specialists at

Builder Financing New ConstructionThe team at the builder spec loans office are working tirelessly to ensure every step along the application process is completely transparent. There will be no hoops to jump throw of days of waiting for call backs to your inquiries. The entire process is done by a few individuals who know your business and you personally by name, and are working hard to respond to your inquiries when they arrive in the office.

Perhaps your business has grown to the point that you are buying multiple properties in the same lot now. In the past, you would be required to attend several closings that were not too convenient for the builder. This process wasted some valuable time you could be growing your business. When you buy multiple properties now, the builder spec loans team will make arranges so that all of the closings happen simultaneously and allow you to get back to focusing on your business.

When you are working with a team of builder spec loans specialists, you can count on things being taken care of as far as the timeliness of the application. There are going to be no retainage hold-backs, as well as you will have the flexibility to create draw schedules that are ideal for your business.

By working with the team of builder spec loans experts, you are assured of easy builder loan approvals. The reason for the speed of the approvals has to do in part to the fact that you will not be dealing with a third-party underwriter any longer. In the past, the lending institutions you used would simply use these third party underwriters to share the work load, but what happened was they were responsible for slowing down the loan approval process to a crawl. The builder spec loans team do it all in-house, so nothing will interrupt the application process.

As you can see, the benefits to working with the right builder spec loans team will enable you to streamline the process so you can start focusing your efforts on the business and not worrying about coming up with an endless supply of supporting documents for your application.