Effective Tips for Maintaining Your HVAC System

If you are not taking proactive measures to care for your HVAC system, then it is going to cost you a small fortune in repairs or replacements over the next few years. The following tips are for the first time home owner or the family who have been residing in their house for decades, all the same tips apply in this case.

Here are some simple and effective tips for maintaining the HVAC Myrtle Beach system in your home.

HVAC Myrtle BeachThe simplest yet most overlooked way to maintain the HVAC system is to replace the air filters. These filter are inexpensive, but they are crucial to the entire system running efficiently. When the filter gets clogged, trapped particles make it impossible for treated air to pass, so the HVAC air handler must work harder to move along the air, resulting in moving parts wearing down sooner than they should. The good rule of thumb is check or clean the filter monthly, replace it quarterly.

Take a walk outside to the fan system and remove any obstructions in or around that unit. Things like branches, trash, or leaves, can stop the flow of air and make the entire system run harder and longer. Be sure to turn off the power if you have to open the casing on the fan to clean out leaves or other small particles that are stuck inside.

The air handler inside the home is usually running quietly. Place your hands over the casing while it is running and try to feel for heated or cooled air leaking from the air handler outer casing. When you feel treated air, place a piece of duct tape over the area. That treated air costs you money and makes the entire system have to run longer to achieve the desired temperature inside.

Take a look inside at all the air vents, make sure nothing is stuck inside that could block the flow of air. Children love to hide toys and even food in these vents. If they are dirty, use the attachment on your vacuum to keep them clean.

Be sure all the vents are open around the house. Closing the vents in room s not being used does not conserve energy, it does the opposite. Air flow is stopped, so the handler works harder then to move treated air along and encounters even more resistance.

Now you see how simple this really was, set up a schedule or mark these things on the calendar so you keep up with them throughout your busy year. For more ” “cool” info visit: Air Mechanical Myrtle Beach