How Can a Greensboro DUI Attorney Help Win Your Case?

The reason you need a skilled DUI attorney in your corner is because the consequences if you lose the case could be severe. Not only will you lose your license and ability to drive, you are going to be on the hook financially for years, and this could ruin you financially. These are just a few of the reasons to be working with a skilled local Greensboro DUI Attorney.

Greensboro DUI AttorneyThe bottom line here is you made a mistake, don’t make another by heading to court to throw yourself on the mercy of the court and get this behind you. The judge has little sympathy for defendants in this case and will throw the book at you. Why pay more than someone who is in the same boat who had a skilled lawyer plea down the charges?

Your attorney has access to expert witnesses they can bring to court to dispute the finding of the equipment used by the officer during your arrest. All you have to do is show the equipment has a history of being faulty or the officer does not have the training to calibrate it correctly and this evidence could be excluded and charges dismissed.

If there is video of the arrest, your DUI attorney is going to carefully analyze it to make certain your rights were upheld at every step of the way through the arrest. All the officer had to do was make one mistake concerning your rights, and the judge will throw the case out. This is something you would not be able to do without your lawyer’s assistance.

When the judge makes the ruling, if it is not favorable, your attorney is going to plea bargain on your behalf. Your attorney has years experience in the court and can often convince the judge to drop the charges to reckless driving, something that carries less fines and will not affect your driving status.

When you rely on your vehicle to get to work, the attorney will consult with the judge to see if a special arrangement can be made so you are able to use the car to get to your job to pay your bills. This special consideration takes just the right knowledge to get a judge to agree to.

Now you see how important it is to have professional legal representation. The alternative by representing yourself is you will be paying for this mistake for many years to come. For more info please visit J Scott Smith Law